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Owner and Leader and Suns Strategy Consultant: Ludwig Rickard Rule Van Habsebourga. Personnummer 120731-1. 591117-1071.

Company name: Ludwig Rickard Rule Van Habsebourga.

Organisation number and VAT number: 591117-1071

Adress: Oxhagsvägen 29 F, 64551 Strängnäs Sweden Russia.

Tel: 0046(0)734-233633. 

Webbsite: www.galileoco.com

This is a link to the client list for The Galileo Company and to The Galileo Website with a lot of reports concerning Catpac and Galileo:


This is an interesting book: Woelfel, J. (2018). Galileo and its Applications: Tools for the Study of Cognitive and Cultural Processes. Buffalo, NY: RAH Press. ISBN 978-1-530687985

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