Dear friend please do this first of all. Send me an email with your name. I want to have contact with you:




I wake up with life in heart here and now and go by flow and feeling.


My goals are:


To take care of myself so that I am a good father.


To be with my adult children Jens and Julian and their spouses Siri and Terese. We shall travel together and see a race of formula 1 live.


I want to have a woman in my life. The meaning of life is to make love and have children. I love Julian and Jens.



I want that the United Nations Children Convention becomes law in every country. I want to change the Children Convention so that children have more rights. The rights I want to have also is that children can play all the time, have self-determination and have no inheretated sin. Children have the right to choose their school. I want to create a law that takes away inheretaded sin completely. Children are not evil when they are born. This is an idiotic belief. Children are good and perfect when they are born and they are born with an inner guidance system.


I have an successful company that I have had since 1982. The brand is built up by the following concepts: Perfection, Precision, Timing and Quality All The Time. At present I am working with leadership, learning and self-organizing where individuals are creative have goal-clearence and are motivated. Goal-clearance gives motivation. I am giving a service: “Human Resources Management for Sales, Buying, Leadership, Creativity, Motivation, Responsability, Self-Organizing, a Good Life, Walk Your Own, Dreams and Goals, Goal-Supportive, Profit, Mutual Share and Party.” I want to start a primary school where the children play and have self-determination. In this school there shall be no teaching of religion. I want to start Ingmar Learning Centers all over the world. 


I want to have an PhD. It shall be focus on childhood sociology. I shall provide scientific proof that children are not evil when they are born and that they shall play all the time and have self-determination.





I am a happy father.


I have been a diving instructor.


I have had my company since 1982.


I am a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management with advanced studies in Management and Organisation.


I have worked with leadership and company climate at NCC Stockholm.


I have evaluated the marketing plan for Ericsson Telecom. A research that concerned New Operators buying of Ericsson Telecom products.


I have worked with leadership at Skaltek AB.


I have created Health-directed (1999) and Health-orientated leadership (2001, 2003) together with Johan Holmsäter. We are first in the world to create this. Johan is an reference and can be reached at 0046 (0)70-7669401.


I have sold software to Skolverket.


I have worked with the Institute for Individualisation in Schools. I have a reference former CEO Håkan Järbur 0046 (0)8-252072. 


I have evaluated childrens influence and self-determination at Långbergsskolan, Paulinska skolan, Strängnäs Montessori School, Rekarnegymnasiet and at Rinmangymnasiet.


I have measured and improved learning at Mariefredsskolan and Gripsholmsskolan Mariefred.

I am first in the world to measure and improve learning.


I have evaluated the youngsters dreams and goals at Djurgårdsskolan Eskilstuna.


I have evaluated 33 schools since 1996. It has been learning goals, entreprenuership in schools, value foundation, influence and self-determination, the measurement and improvement of learning and dreams and goals.


Yours sincerely












TEL: 0046 (0)70 7397573